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Help Your Followers Help You!

One of the most effective ways to spread information about your business is by word of mouth – or in today’s world you may be using Social Media such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest and many other mediums. So why not make the sharing of information even easier for your followers – help them help you! Why not create an easy way for them to share tweets you’ve pre-written about your business or services? If it’s easy to do, chances are much greater that they’ll participate! Here’s how: 1. Come up with a tweet you’d like people to share (using shortened links): Loved the latest blog from @KatrinaNash about creating shareable tweets! 2. Paste your text, twitter handles, and links into the following formula – add any additional “%20” as spacers between words: Here is the tweet in #1 above converted into the shareable link:[email protected]%20about%20 creating%20shareable%20tweets!%20 3. Put your new link somewhere easy to share, like in hyperlinked text or as a hyperlinked image: Like my blog post? Please feel free to share it with your followers.  ...
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