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One minute to read + five minutes to implement. Benefit to your business = priceless. That’s my promise to you.

Come join us every Sunday for a new tweak: an easy-to-implement idea to help grow your online presence or improve your admin process. It’s easy to fit into your day!

Help Your Followers Help You!

Posted by on Jan 20, 2013 in Blog | 0 comments

One of the most effective ways to spread information about your business is by word of mouth – or in today’s world you may be using Social Media such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest and many other mediums. So why not make the sharing of information even easier for your followers – help them help you!

Why not create an easy way for them to share tweets you’ve pre-written about your business or services? If it’s easy to do, chances are much greater that they’ll participate!

Here’s how:

1. Come up with a tweet you’d like people to share (using shortened links):

Loved the latest blog from @KatrinaNash about creating shareable tweets!

2. Paste your text, twitter handles, and links into the following formula – add any additional “%20” as spacers between words:

Here is the tweet in #1 above converted into the shareable link:[email protected]%20about%20 creating%20shareable%20tweets!%20

3. Put your new link somewhere easy to share, like in hyperlinked text or as a hyperlinked image:

Like my blog post? Please feel free to share it with your followers.



Upping the Productivity Level

Posted by on Oct 6, 2012 in Blog, Uncategorized | 0 comments

As a small business owner, one of the most difficult tasks is setting aside all of the ‘busy work’ and concentrating on the bigger task at hand. It’s so easy to waste time, procrastinate, and get distracted with everything going on.

When I started clocking my time, I decided to implement the following three tactics:

1. Define work hours. When working any other job, you would take a break every 4 hours, so why not do it when self employed? I’ve found I work so much better when I stop to take a quick walk around the block or make myself a cup of coffee. Working from a home office, it’s easy to feel the guilt of needing to work all the time, so setting defined “work times” helps to create a work-life balance.

2. Start with the least enjoyable. It’s easy to say “oh, I’ll get to that” or “ugh, I’ll do that later” about tasks you really don’t want to do, that’s why I start with those first thing in the morning. I feel so satisfied when I finish tasks I’m dreading, feeling energized and excited to get on with the day.

3. Control the e-mail. For many entrepreneurs, checking e-mail obsessively is the biggest time waster. Think of all the different places you’re inundated by email: BlackBerry, iPhone, iPod, and most of all the computer. I used to get e-mail forwarded to the mail application on my desktop with a loud “ping” when I received a new e-mail, which I checked each time I received a new e-mail. I’ve moved my e-mail to be received on-line and set times during the day when I check and respond to e-mail. I’d say that this task has cut down on the most time wasted during the day.

So, how are you improving your productivity? Any tips you want to share?

Create a Winning Team

Posted by on Oct 6, 2012 in Blog, Uncategorized | 1 comment

What is the best way to grow your business and become more profitable? To build a dedicated team of course! The team you build around yourself is how your legacy will be reflected. How, with genuine intention, can you create this team that houses the same passion and commitment to your vision as you do?

Give them a voice: there is little more irritating than having absolutely no control over your environment. If someone on your team works more directly with customers than you do, ask the team member how client care could be improved. When there is a problem to be solved, put the problem on the table for collective discussion. Ask. Listen. You make the final decision.

Celebrate! Don’t do anything to put the company into debt, but do celebrate the big and little wins. Have everyone come together when a new client has signed or a project is completed. Take in the moment and give appropriate mention to those who contributed to the success.

Give thanks! An act of appreciation often only takes a few minutes, but is remembered so much longer. The gesture doesn’t need to be HUGE, but when it is out of the blue and a surprise, it is much more memorable. Randomly call the team together and give out a gift card for itunes, a restaurant, or a beauty treatment.

Create goals: whether you’re in sales, marketing, or anything else, we all need business goals. You do have a business plan, right? Create goals that are SMART – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time framed. This keeps all team members on the same page and well informed or where you’re at and where you’re moving to.

Building a solid team is no accident, it takes gratitude, a vision, and shared passion.