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Create a Winning Team

What is the best way to grow your business and become more profitable? To build a dedicated team of course! The team you build around yourself is how your legacy will be reflected. How, with genuine intention, can you create this team that houses the same passion and commitment to your vision as you do?

Give them a voice: there is little more irritating than having absolutely no control over your environment. If someone on your team works more directly with customers than you do, ask the team member how client care could be improved. When there is a problem to be solved, put the problem on the table for collective discussion. Ask. Listen. You make the final decision.

Celebrate! Don’t do anything to put the company into debt, but do celebrate the big and little wins. Have everyone come together when a new client has signed or a project is completed. Take in the moment and give appropriate mention to those who contributed to the success.

Give thanks! An act of appreciation often only takes a few minutes, but is remembered so much longer. The gesture doesn’t need to be HUGE, but when it is out of the blue and a surprise, it is much more memorable. Randomly call the team together and give out a gift card for itunes, a restaurant, or a beauty treatment.

Create goals: whether you’re in sales, marketing, or anything else, we all need business goals. You do have a business plan, right? Create goals that are SMART – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time framed. This keeps all team members on the same page and well informed or where you’re at and where you’re moving to.

Building a solid team is no accident, it takes gratitude, a vision, and shared passion.

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  1. Murray Kirk

    Great article Katrina. I personally find that thanking others is most important as the ideas and efforts that come from others are those things that we should be most grateful for.